Daan Noppen

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Opus II… photographer Daan Noppen

Opus II at first sight can be read as a ‘renaissance’ representation of angels but when looked upon closer it is not. The characters in the image are not angels and do not represent ‘european’ people. It is mererly their shape that speaks or refers to the language of renaissance iconographic painting.

It is a metaphor for a new, contemporary authenticity. On a global scale cultures are getting increasingly intermingled, and instead of seeing this as a loss of authenticity, I experience it as a development that must lead to a redefinition of the meaning of ‘identity’. The identity of a country or a nation is not a static value but it is subject to influences that will result in an adapted perception of what this identity comprehends. This adapted perception rather seems to manifests itself at an individual or micro-social level.

In my work linear worlds collapse with non-linear worlds creating quantum thoughts about our realities and their probabilities. Projecting past, present and future in the now as one image I project a parallel reality that we normally cannot see with the naked eye.

Recently awarded with 2 honorable mentions fot the International Photography Awards 2008.