Carlos Duarte

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My name is Juan Carlos Ruiz Duarte. Since i am a little boy everybody knew me like Carlos or like Duarte.
It is for that reason that I feel more comfortable like Carlos Duarte
The normal would be to say that I like photography since i was a little boy, that my father gave me a camera as a present when i was 10 year old, that I fought with my mother to study something related with the image …………………………….. but no. I only have been 6 years in photography and I never had an analogical machine.
In 2010 I was between the 10 first of the prestigious internalcional contest Sony Awards Academy. With the photography ” Seyba”. It would have been a dream, but it could not be. Although my photo was the second more commented in the official Web of Sony among more than 40,000 images. In any case, I am very happy of which ” Seyba” it comprises of the traveling world-wide exhibition that crosses cities like New York, Hong-Kon, London….