Maxim Repin

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Maxim Repin was born in Ufa, Russia. After graduating from Art Academy where he studied Theatre and Cinema, he started working as a photographer for local agencies, beginning with advertising photography but already focusing on fashion. This was a great experience for him as it’s strengthened his technical skills on lighting and special effects. Working with fashion models helped him to find his style, express a vision and explore new sides of beauty. With his ability to use various techniques and experiment different styles, his work brought him a strong reputation in fashion world and allowed him to be the youngest russian photographer to shoot a cover for L’Officiel Russia. Further publications include magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, GQ, InStyle, Jalouse and many others. Maxim Repin is based in New York City and has already worked on the book. If he is staying true to his own style, his recent works stand out for the darker mood and raw touch resulting from his current inspirations.