Hassan Kinley

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A native of Brooklyn, NY, Hassan Kinley has emerged in the world of photography as a bold and creative talent. Offering a unique eye to Fine Art, Portrait and Travel Photography, his images are vibrant and have an uncanny spiritual quality. Working in both black and white and color, he tells an honest story of the moment , his work touches hearts and resonates in minds.

Since studying photography in London in 1995, as an assistant to legendary photographer Jon Gray, Kinley has become an innovative talent in his own right. His photographs capture the true shape, form and spirit of his subjects.The interplay of light, shadow and shape are a common thread and a standard he uses to interpret moods. Hassan’s images causes the viewer to both visualize and connect.

For the past several years, Mr. Kinley has shot out-of-the-box advertising campaigns for clients such as The US Army, Pontiac, Columbia Theatrical and HBO. In fact, Hassan is sought after by many advertising agencies for the bite and spice his art offers and its ability to breakthrough the thick advertising “clutter.”