Wojtek Kwiatkowski

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Wojtek Kwiatkowski – Poland

I was born in 1954 in Warsaw, Poland. I graduated from Warsaw University of Technology  in  a field of Architecture. During my student years I dressage rider. For some time I was also a trainer and a judge in dressage.

Nowadays I am an author and a publisher of books about Arabians breeding all over the world. I am also a WAHO (World Arabian Horse Organization) consultant for Arabians pedigrees (Poland, Hungary, Wail/Germany). I have many years of experience in the field. I collect books and archival photos of Arabian horses. For about 25 years I’ve gathered a wide photographic record library of  the breeding in Poland. But that was just a documentation of horses in a specific – standing, halter position. My adventure with artistic photography started 4 years ago when I bought my first professional digital camera.

I passionately love Arabian horses and try to capture their beauty and soul in my pictures.

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