Seb Janiak

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Seb Janiak also known as “The Genius of the Image” was born in Paris, France in 1966.  At the age of 15, he left France on a trip in Los Angeles, California. The experience of a new world has never left his mind. Back in Paris, he became a graphic designer inspired by the futuristic world of Star Wars. Later he specialized in fashion and music photography. He’s considered a pioneer in graphic photography. His work is almost visionary (“Mutants” photo taken in 1994 foreshadows 9/11). An illustrator, graphic designer, producer and photographer, he invented a technique called “digital matte painting”, which allows you to insert one or more photographs into another photo achieving homogeneous images that strike of realism. This technique leads to images that do not actually exist but are incredibly realistic. The matte-painting technique inspired him to take a world tour for several months in order to capture as many photographs as possible to be used to create his future work. On his return, he prepared a colossal work of images which he gathered for his first exhibition in Paris, called “Paris from 2044 to Nowadays”. This exhibition was a major success, it has been featured in Berlin and Hong-Kong. Most of Janiak’s work paints a future that we may see someday.