Tracy Martin

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About Me

A Bit About Me 

I’m a keen amateur photographer, in truth since childhood I have always been snap happy.
However it was only with the advent of digital that I finally gave up on film compacts and switched to a baby Canon EOS 400 DSLR in 2007.
Since then I have completed a short digital photography open university course, and a NCFE digital photography course.

My proudest photography moment so far was winning 1st place in a readers pic competition in Italian magazine with a shot of a sunset in Bardolino Italy.

Tracy Martin, a graphic designer and photographer has over 13 years of experience working with small to midsized companies. She also specializes in working with non-profit organizations throughout North America. A graduate of the highly acclaimed graphic design program at Dawson College, Montreal she combines a methodical as well as holistic approach to innovative design.

She began her work with nonprofit organizations after directing and designing the Canadian Alt.Theatre magazine – a nationally recognized quarterly publication dealing with cultural diversity and the stage. She continues to focus on the arts sector and provides valuable design and photography services to nonprofit companies and small business’ in the Bay Area and beyond.

Primarily a Graphic Designer, Tracy’s creative abilities include Fine Art and Performance photography. In 2010 she was named Company Photographer for TheatreWorks, a nationally acclaimed theatre company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of her personal photographic work can be viewed on her photo-blog.

Tracy currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and is often found photographing events around the Bay Area.