Kay Denton

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1939 Born, Houston, Texas
1989 Early on in my photographic studies I was inspired to use the view camera. A friend gave me his old 4×5 Graphlex with a strange lens to get started…as I set up on my porch one day at my home in Colorado, another friend, a learned photographer stopped by…he asked if I would like for him to show me how to use the 4×5 camera…this brief lesson began my life as a photographic artist. The man who gave me the first lesson was John Sexton.
1993 My view camera at this point is an 8×10… It’s a wooden Eastman-Kodak with a strange lens too…but I continue to set up, and make images…some even look interesting to me…my studies continue in the form of workshops. Master photographers like Ray McSavanney,Ruth Bernhard, Keith Carter guide me technically and spiritually.