Kathleen Connally

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On January 3, 2003, I began this photoblog to visually document the residents, visitors, plants, animals, architecture, landscapes and farm life of Durham Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (where I live), and nearby areas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken within a ten-mile radius of my home. (I occasionally post photos from business trips and vacations to Philadelphia, New York City, the Atlantic coast, etc.)

This project is my ongoing attempt to become a better photographer, artist and writer. Some photographs work, some don’t — you’re witnessing a permanent work-in-progress! I hope to intellectually and emotionally convey the intricacies and joys of rural living and the critical importance of farmland, open space and uncluttered horizons to our wildlife, our watersheds, our food supply, our health and our sense of well-being.

New photos are posted three to four times a week and are described in the “Photo Info & Viewer Comments” section underneath the photographs. Previous photos are available in the Archives. The Best Pictures page (some of my favorite shots) is updated occasionally (but not recently – I’ll get to it soon).

Thank you for visiting Durham Township!

–Kathleen Connally