Manuel Archain

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When confronted with Lukas Roth´s photography one is immediately struck by its variety of subject, because the work doesn´t follow a single unified theme. The photos present urban scenes, isolated architecture and housing blocks as well as landscapes. People move about within these spaces but they could just as well be empty. It isn´t the objective documentation of an object or a situation that is the focus of interest here in the sense of an “industrial archaeology”, but rather the opposite. The pictures seem to be covering things up instead of documenting or objectively clarifying anything, the images thus give rise to questions. The effect of this albeit subliminal lack of information is at once exciting and unsettling. The surface of the photographs appear at first to have nothing unusual about them, thus the viewer is forced to embark on a journey into the images, to search for the source of this uneasiness.

Фотограф явно деградирует, сюжеты все более мерзопакостны. Наверное сделал себе второе обрезание