Gary Auerbach

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1948 - Born

1969 - Staff photographer for Maury Hammond Studios, 19 W. 36th St. NY, NY.

1989 - Injured my wrist as a practicing chiropractor and made a choice to take up platinum photography full time.

1999 - At my first SPE (Society for Photographic Education) meeting, I had a porfolio review with a curator (Maricia Battle) from the Library of Congress. She immediately indicated her and her libraries interest in my work. She helped curate my work into their permanent collection.

2001 - I met Paula Fleming Richardson, the archivist at the National Anthropological Archive of the Smithsonian. She had seen an autostereoscopic multidimensional platinotype of mine, and corresponded with me for two years before helping to acquire a collection of 44 platinum photographs into their permanent collection. This submission is the basis of a book project that was completed at the end of 2005 called We Walk in Beauty.

2002 - Year long exhibition at the Amerind Foundation in Dragoon Arizona. Catalogue published.

2007 - Met Florian Rodari, conservator of William Cuendet Foundation Collection at Musee Jenisch, Vevey Switzerland. He brought my work into their permanent collection. A Musee of lithographs, engravings and etchings. Shown with Durer, Goya Degas, Rembrandt, Strand, Steichen and other illustrious artists from the 1400′s to contemporary.