Eric Ogden

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Eric Ogden (23 August 1923—5 May 1997) was a British politician.

Eric Ogden was a miner and studied at the Wigan and District Mining and Technical College.

He was originally elected Labour Member of Parliament (MP) for Liverpool West Derby at the 1964 general election, but was among the Labour MPs who defected to the new Social Democratic Party in 1981. At the 1983 general election, he sought re-election but came third with 18% of the vote while the Labour candidate Robert Wareing won. It was a time of intense political change and Eric no longer thought that the party he joined was any longer true to the political principles he believed in. He was a member of the Stamps Advisory Committee and Chairman of the Falkland Islands Association (he visited the Islands on at least three separate occasions before and after the conflict). He enjoyed photography and gardening and was a keen independent traveller. He married twice and has a son by his first wife and two sons by his second wife, Marjorie Ogden, who died on 24th March 2010.