Michał Giedrojć – Dreams

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Michał Giedrojć is a 30-year-old photographer who lives and works in Poland. Giedrojć bases most of his work on graphically manipulated images as in his ‘Dream’ series. The world shown in his photographs is a subjective world filtered by his own sensitivity. Giedrojć has worked on various projects and his work was shown in several exhibitions such as ‘Welcome to the Sunflower Country’, ‘Released Pictures’, and ‘Bylo to ongis na poczatku swiata.’ His work has also been published in professional photographic magazines including Digital Camera Magazine and PSD. Of the many photography competitions he participated in, Giedrojć was awarded 1st Prizes at the ‘International Festival of Photography by the Young’ in Jaroslaw and 2nd Prize and at the ‘International Digital Biennial Ripolette Image 2009.’

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