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Дэн родился 45 лет назад в Лондоне. Обучался фотографии в Middlesex University.

Dan Burn Forti, 44, is a London-based photographer whose work ranges from ad campaigns to celebrity portraits. His series of animal portraits are showcased here. “It started by accident when I was asked to shoot a series by Esquire 15 years ago,” he says. “People photograph animals as if they are celebrating an idealised vision, but they all have personalities, so I approach them as individual portraits rather than generic shots of a breed.

“I shot Macy [pictured right] at the Supreme Cat Show in Birmingham. There’s something about this wired-up look she has: Macy had been prodded, squeezed and pulled all day and she was fairly knackered and pissed off, which I think comes across in her expression.”