Claire Rosen

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Fairy Tales and Myths though they are, “unreal, they are not untrue; that while what these stories tell about does not happen in fact, it must happen as inner experience and personal development; that fairy tales depict in imaginary and symbolic form the essential steps in growing up and achieving an independent existence.”
-Bruno Bettelheim

Through self-portraiture, this series explores imagery that goes beyond day-today life. The objective is not to document the physical world but to juxtapose the world we experience with the worlds we imagine. The subtle unrealistic nature of these images provide a mirror to personal inner experience. They depict various fantasy worlds in which the characters are caught in moments of isolated contemplation. These images are a visual recreation of my unconscious – like a half forgotten dream articulating an emotion rather then an action. Full narrative has been abandoned for more psychological resonance. The images rely upon a romanticized perception of the past where a single moment could encompass a universe of emotion and meaning.