Kurt Stallaert

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Представитель нового и быстро размножающегося племени рекламных фотографов. Они не делают хороших или плохих снимков, они делают снимок, который можно использовать как рекламу чего угодно


kurt stallaert was born in belgium in 1969.

kurt stallaert studied photography at the antwerp school of photography after finishing his studies, he assisted a renowned belgian fashion and advertising photographer for one year while working on his personal work.

kurt’s creativity, talent and artistic marturity became quickly evident to the belgian advertising industry.

he often is inspired by current-day social and cultural issues to which he adds a touch of humour. in his portfolio you will find a good mix between commissioned and non commissined /editorial work.

kurt received several eurobest awards incuding gold in the ny festival and he is listed in the top 10 world ranking of advertising

photographers by luerzers international archive magazine. from europe he has spread out his working ground to new york, los angeles, asia and africa.