Garrigosa studio

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behind garrigosa studio we find joan garrigosa (photographer) and alex torrens (post production) a collaboration that exceeds 15 years. both were born in spain, joan in 1951 and alex in 1969. they have adapted very well to the fast change between traditional photography to digital photography, where in the demanding world of advertising is taking more weight, especially with the entrance of post production. the house style is photography with a lot of post-production but with photo realistic results.

joan began as a photographer doing social reportage, followed by industrial photo work. gradually he started collaborating with some

advertising agencies in barcelona. after a while greater versatility has allowed him to work in all photo fields for all types of clients and

projects, both domestic and international.

garrigosa studio has recieved many international advertising and photo prizes in the main ad festivals: cannes, fiap, sol, epica, ny festival.

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