Thomas Marent – Rainforest

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This collection of Thomas Marent’s images, 16 years in the making, brings alive the sheer and awe-inspiring beauty of the rainforest.” Sting – founding patron, The Rainforest Foundation

Overcoming everything from poor light to predatory animals, biting insects, invisible diseases and intense humidity, Thomas Marent has spent his adult life seeking out and photographing the spectacular beauty of the rarest rainforest plants and creatures.

From Peru and Ecuador to New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Marent annotates these breathtaking photographs with a mix personal stories, scientific information, as well as his own photographic processes. He writes about everything from a close-call with a chimp in Uganda to the best time of night to search for dangerous caimans. Marent documents the fascinating behaviour and incredible variety of rainforest animals and plants – resourceful colonies of leafcutter ants and poisonous frogs to the multi-hued clouds of butterflies and birds that flutter high in the tree tops. Brimming with fascinating details, exotic and rarely-seen animals and lush green spaces, Rainforest is a true celebration of the world’s greatest biological treasures.

Rainforest showcases the world’s rainforests in a visual biography of the planet’s richest and most diverse habitats and their inhabitants, this stunning book opens a window to an unseen world of epic landscapes and tiny microcosms, great apes and fearsome invertebrates – the wonders of five continents worth of fast-disappearing beauty and splendour.

Copies of Rainforest were printed on acid-free paper derived from certified sustainable European forests; no wood from the rainforest areas was used in the manufacture of the books. The Rainforest Foundation will receive a portion of the profits for every book sold. Each copy of Rainforest also includes a 70-minute CD featuring unique sounds from the rainforest. For travelers, photographers, conservationists, and all who love nature, Thomas Marent’s Rainforest offers a completely immersive reading experience.