Guy Brauns *

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Born in 1938, Guy Brauns studied in Brussels, first at St. Luc for four years, and then at La Cambre where his professor for painting murals was Paul Delvaux.

He specialized in the creation of 3-D advertising and became head of advertising for various advertisers. He was appointed Art Director at an advertising agency, and at the same time, he was Professor at the Ecole Supйrieure de Technique de Publicitй (ESTP)

Having launched a career as a freelance graphic artist, he opened a photo studio specialising in fashion photos in Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam, without neglecting his activities as a graphic designer of logos, and interior designer for corporate offices and the railway coaches of Belgian National Railways.

While practising these various disciplines, he continued unrelentingly with his work as a painter.

He showed his talent in using computer graphics, and explored the frontiers of computerised pictorial research, but in a personal capacity, with the aim of processing images with a view to creating original paintings.