Chip Forelli American, b.1950

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Master of beautifully crafted, enigmatic black
and white landscape prints where man’s
mysterious presence frequently hovers, Chip
Forelli photographs for prestigious advertising
and corporate clients as well as leading
publications. His personal work, represented by
numerous fine art photography galleries, is part
of many private and corporate collections.
Recent solo exhibitions have been at the
Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery of the Brooklyn
Botanic Garden, the Mercedes Benz Gallery of
New York, the Art Institute of Atlanta and the
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.
Communication Arts Photography Annual has
featured his work on numerous occasions and
chose one of his abstract botanical studies for
a cover. PDN, Archive, Graphis, View Camera,
Camera Arts, Lenswork Quarterly, Sierra
Magazine and Black & White Magazine have
all dedicated space to his compelling work.

In his travels he has photographed purely for
himself in addition to working on advertising
campaigns for BMW, Land Rover, AT&T, Digital,
3Com, Olympus, Lufthansa, American Express,
Doctors Without Borders and Eastman Kodak.

Originally trained as an architect, Forelli was
drawn to photography because “it demands a
fine balance between aesthetic sensibility and
craft. If you alter the balance, you become
either overly conceptual or preoccupied with

Forelli has lecured at Photo Expo and the Art
Director’s Club and teaches at the International
Center of Photography, Cape Cod
Photography Workshops, New Jersey Heritage
Photography Workshops, and at the Maine
Photographic Workshops. He co-founded the
New York Photographer’s Forum to help uncover
the work of new photographers and regularly
juries exhibitions. Communication Arts, Archive
and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
have all given his work top awards. The New
York Times praised his “otherworldly lighting” and
“intense compositions” noting that Forelli’s images
“tease perception with their ghostlike forms.”

Chip Forelli lives in the Delaware River Valley of
Pennsylvania with his wife Gloria and three sons
Jake, Cris and Ryan.