Leping Zha

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Leping Zha, Ph.D. lives in San Mateo, California, USA. Trained as a physicist with a technical day job in the San Francisco Bay area, fine art landscape photography has been his second profession. Working mainly in color with medium and large format film camera equipments, Leping Zha concentrates his passion in grand landscapes as well as fine natural patterns in both western and eastern worlds. Constantly searching and studying the forms, order, balance, inner relationship, grandeur, and drama of nature, he has been tirelessly exploring to capture truly magical images with ultimate quality and finesse to transcends the subjects into impeccable art elements, and to integrate both eastern and western artistic influences into his personal style of expression.

Born in an intellectual family originated from a small village in the Yellow Mountain foothills, China, Leping Zha worked in black and white and exhibited when he was in his home country. He became serious in photography again in 1995, centering his field efforts in a few dedicated trips, plus numerous shorter outings each year. He makes annual long trip back to the Yellow Mountains, the exquisite Chinese location from where the ancient Chinese paintings started, and the place related most directly to his inner heart and resonant most deeply to his spirit, since year 2000. A perfectionist in nature, he devotes the rest of his time mainly scanning and processing his negatives to produce poster sized archival silver halide and carbon pigment hextone and quardtone fine art prints to the highest quality available today, which have been available through exhibitions and fine art galleries in California and Nevada, USA.

Leping Zha, в настоящее время живет в Сан-Матео, Калифорния.