Norman Cavazzana

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Norman Cavazzana is no ordinary man.

It’s actually two extraordinary creatives that stand behind the name, both knowing that two brilliant minds come up with more brilliant ideas than one.
The Italian / Swedish duo started off as a photographer and creative director, two roles that more often than not merge.
Nowadays NC is a fully serviced creative agency, adding fashion / commercial film and their highly anticipated jewelry collection NC W.A.R to their repertoire of tricks.


2000 – Adobe Interactive Designer of the Month.
2002 - Top 13 best up & coming graphic designers UK publication.
2005 – MTV Scandinavia Awards,  Best animated film – Nomination.
2007 – Co-owner and founder of Creative Agency: Norman Cavazzana.
2008 – NC and Björn Gustafsson exhibition // Top Model Guest Judge.
2009 – Best Short Film L.A film festival – Nomination.
2010 – Silver at Finnish Advertising Awards // Hahnemuhle Fine Art Photography Exhibition Australia // Joins international established image bank Gallery Stock // NC W.A.R jewelry collection.