David Nebreda*

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David Nebreda (né en 1952 à Madrid) est un photographe.

Some artists are not willing to sacrifice a little for their work. Some people grow into their own art and sacrificed for it. Some artists say they are “crazy” and some others just live in a mental craziness. But how far can a human being to become itself a work of art? This is for love to the art or pain for it?.

David Nebreda is a graduate in arts. At 19 years, was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Lives locked in an apartment in Madrid with just two rooms where he has made all of his photographic work, without taking medication, no communication with the outside world,without radio, newspapers, books or television. Practice sexual abstinence, and subjected to severe fasting that have it in a state of extreme thinness.

He has published with help from people interested in their works. two books of photographs. Self-taught in photography, surprising for its wise use of the technique, mastery of light and chiaroscuro of his photographs, not manipulate positivism but   use double exposures.

David expressed in his photographs, “his madness”, the pain of his life, showing his mutilated body, its unique tools for working in their rooms. It shows a strong image of what can be an artistic mind combined with a schizophrenic mind.  Perhaps seeing the images we think he is a more crazy trying to get attention. But we are wrong.

20 years  confined  at home  under  self-inflicted  torture  photographed  to show  the  mostsinister ,  most  grotesque .  Masochism,  mutilation , extreme  thinness,  the  picture  to  ” out “ of  their  own reality …