NEVADA WIER – A Nomadic Vision: 25 Years

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Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Nevada Wier is an award-winning photographer specializing in the remote corners of the globe and the cultures that inhabit them. Her journeys have take her throughout Southeast Asia, India, China, Nepal, Africa, New Zealand, Central Asia, Mongolia, South America and other obscure regions of the world. She has been published in numerous national and international publications, including: NG Adventure, Geo, Islands, National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Outside, and Smithsonian. She is a Fellow of The Explorer’s Club and a member of the Women’s Geographic Society. She was the author and photographer of Adventure Travel Photography (Amphoto). She was a participating photographer in A Day in the Life of Thailand (Collins), Planet Vegas (Collins) and Mother Earth (Sierra Clubs Books). Her current book in-progress is A Nomadic Vision (expected published date 2010).