Jennifer B Hudson – PHOTOLUCIDA 2011

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There is really not much better in life than arriving home after a journey to our beautiful Olive-dog full of wags, warm eyes, snorts, and sunshine. Our tulip tree bid us a mighty beautiful welcome home, too, with brand new pink buds, like little dancers–the loveliest signs of spring.  Even still I find myself missing the energy of Photolucida, as  I crave the company of artists and all of the unique voices.  This was great company.  I met some curious people, some mysterious people, some hilarious people, many influential people, and some wonderful, wonderful new friends.  We had many adventures, rainy adventures, in Portland.  It’s a very cool city with plenty to offer; great restaurants, lots of beautiful and stylish people, and fantastic coffee.  A girl can hardly complain about a daily latte from Stumptown Coffee, complete with a pretty leaf poured into the foam, graciously delivered by a very hip and decidedly with-it barista.  And the happy hour menus?  I could get used to those too.