Heinrich Van den Berg

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Heinrich Van den Berg
Wildlife Photographer & Founder of HPH Publishing

In 1998 Heinrich van den Berg left his profession as a civil engineer to become a full-time wildlife photographer. Since then he has travelled the world photographing wildlife, culture and adventure sport. In his bid to ‘tell a story in every picture’, he has climbed icy volcanoes in Argentina and Chile, tracked endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda, searched for rare chameleons in Madagascar, wandered through the sacred temples of Cambodia, and walked the steamy forests of Borneo and Sumatra to photograph the elusive orangutan. He has photographed extensively in Southern Africa, where he lives, capturing on film the mysterious leopard in Kruger National Park, the desert elephant in Namibia’s Kaokoland, and the captivating birdlife of Botswana.

Van den Berg’s photographs are known for breaking boundaries and depicting the natural world in a fresh and evocative way. Although he specializes in environmental photography, Van den Berg has a gift for photographing the charm and idiosyncrasies of people in their natural environment. He is an experimental photographer always on the lookout to capture his subjects from a unique perspective. He has photographed and published 21 highly acclaimed photographic books.  He is the founder and owner of HPH Publishing.