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Alessandro Vicario  wasborn in Modena in 1968. He has been practising the art of photography from anearly age. He grew up and studied in Milan, where he stillresides. Born from a longing for knowledge and proximity, his images often looklike finds rescued from destruction or oblivion, where the object, reproducedwithout  artifice, becomes a presencerich in references. Since 2000, his works have been shown in several exhibitions, in public spaces and galleries. Some of his works belong toprestigious private and museum collections such as those of Alinari 24 ORE(Florence), Museum Villa dei Cedri (Bellinzona), Mudima Foundation (Milan),Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation, Centro de Fotografia Isla de Tenerife(Sta. Cruz de Tenerife). His work has been published in several books and inseven monographs. The most recent among them is Along the Wall. Berlin 2009,edited by G. Pelloso andR. Valtorta, Silvana Editoriale, Cinisello Balsamo, 2010.

фото великого маэстро в конце.