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My name is Laura, but it’s OK if you call me Nanny,

My husband Bruce and I live on a small four + acre farm in a beautiful valley in So. Oregon along with our three cats. We also have five sheep and a goat who of course live in their barn. :0) We are surrounded with mountains, wonderful trees, and a river that runs right behind our pasture where our property line ends. We call our home a little space in paradise and we are so thankful to be able to live here. Since we don’t travel much I try to make the best of it by photographing the beauty that I am blessed to have surrounding me. Photography has always been an interest to me since childhood but like so many others I didn’t take photography that seriously until purchasing my first digital camera. It was a Sony Cyber-shot F717. As of March 2007 I now have a Sony DSLR-A100H which I hope to learn how to use properly in time.

I do hope you enjoy your visit to my albums. Please take the time to leave me a message, a comment, or photography advice. I so appreciate all and

Дама снимает красоту мира: растения, еду, цветы.