Leading Lines Limited Edition

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Welcome to Leading Lines Limited Edition Panoramic Photography

Timothy Poulton and Peter Anthony, brothers and photographers both, are now offering their award winning images as panoramic prints. Passionate about photography, they strive to capture landscape through their unique blend of colour, perspective and leading lines to give you a first hand experience of our planet’s beauty.

Tim established his international reputation by taking photos of Sydney and the coastline of Australia and winning the International Aperture Landscape Award 2009 for his shot Shocking Bondi. Tim has also won awards from Shutterbug, the EPSON International Pano Award, and the IPA Lucie Award.  Peter took up photography as a serious endeavor a couple of years ago and he continues to develop his portfolio of images from Australia, Thailand, Japan and Bali.

They are constantly searching for locations across Australia and the Pacific.

Please use the menu options to explore their growing collection of limited edition images for purchase and to visit their blog for future photography expeditions, tips and tricks.

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