Fernando Laq (Spain) – En Terra de Nadie

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If I had to define myself by something here I guess it was because of what I do, photomontages, photographs and illustrations. I’ve always worked on image processing and production. So you could say I’m an artist, collector, also retoucher, photographic and drawn pictures. ENTIERRADENADIE (photomontage) is my best known work. I have done many exhibitions in this series on photography and art sites on the Internet, including in several galleries in Barcelona, as well as timely, Palma de Mallorca, Zaragoza and Paris. Years ago I discovered the joy of travel. They joined two hobbies: photography and travel. Landscapes, cultures and diverse peoples, human cotidianiedad, looks through the viewfinder and without it, always with curiosity and respect. It took me even more interested. Like do and go deeper and deeper in creative photography, landscape, night, documentary and travel, of course. I seek my own path and coherence, while learning to each step.