Conrado Rafael Pérez Maletá (Spain)

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Because my world is an opera house in buying a sandwich Every furniture is made with bonds and tears. I dont have a skeleton staff … the main structure of my body and soul Are just furnitures around me. Humans Are furniture also … I’m illegal. Had I being alone a lot. I Was at prison just for Be Illegal.

As well i can write That I hate my mother But love her so much (she is in Cuba). My father is a selfdestructive That machine is doing the best for to push me Into the suicide. I love my wife But if i wish to touch my wife’s body i just find That the skin is Covered by shining tears, my tears in her skin …

But I’m happy with a kind of happiness Different Than The Others. I’m an emperor of a big universe But made with dust and gas … The ceiling is made with pain and There Are Not glasses at the windows of the palace.

Ничто еврейское мне не чуждо…