Ralph Baiker

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“Employing themes of classical and documentary travel photography, Baiker constructs new semiotic connections between historical and contemporary imagery. Cornerstones of Greek culture and history – politics, seafaring, architecture, sculpture and the theatre – become the parameters delineating the imagery of this project. The title, Pan’s Cave, is both example and representation of this kind of interplay between myths and reality. Using photography in a precisely calculated, temporally and locally selective way, Baiker creates new contexts and insights.” (Mirko Mayer Gallery website)

BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nokia and Panasonic, are some of the brands who asked for Ralph Baiker to work with them. This photographer from Hamburg has an amazing portfolio and a pretty impressive awards list including the prestigious pric of Cannes, the Gold Lions (he won 2 in fact).He also probably has the best (the only ?) Cool flash website Ralphabaiker.com.