Jean de Pomereu (France)

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Born in Paris in 1969, Jean de Pomereu first visited Antarctica in 2003. He has returned on numerous occasions as a member of different artistic and scientific expeditions. In December 2006, he was the official photographer for Lita Albuquerque?s Stellar Axis Antarctica: the largest and most ambitious arts project ever undertaken in Antarctica. In 2008, within the context of the 4th International Polar Year, he was the first foreign reporter and photographer to accompany a Chinese National Antarctic Research Expedition.

With a Masters degree from the Scott Polar Research Institute, Jean also reports on the subject of polar science for (the scientific news and information website of the International Polar Foundation), lectures on the visual interpretation of Antarctica, and is involved in editorial projects focusing on early Antarctic photography.

His photographs have been exhibited in France, Belgium, Spain, the UK, China and New Zealand. The platinum prints for his Topography of Absence series are produced by Salto Ulbeek printers and publishers in Belgium.