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Steven Klein  was born in 1961 in New York. First camera fell to the young man under very unusual circumstances: “I was 13 years old and I went to the city fair,” – he recalled later – “Here I was approached by a man and handed the camera. It was a little cheaper, “soapbox”. After this incident, I began to photograph…. A little later, began working at the hospital, which kept people suffering from mental disorders. I watched them, and photographed. On another occasion he talked about his first model, which fell back in elementary school: “I was just crazy about her and photographed her for many years. It was like a squaw: braided long hair in a braid, her skin olive-colored, and eyes – big, like a scorpion, and dark. She had a special sense of style. Her first time I saw a European (or French) Vogue; while I still had no idea about the fashion world. “But while Steven Klein did not even think about the career of the photographer: “About 12 or 13 years, I dreamed of becoming an artist, was engaged in pottery and ceramics,” – he said, – “Later, I went into photography, he built his lab in the basement of his parents’ home but this occupation was not very attracted.After high school, a young man he studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design (Rhode Island School of Design). Some critics believe that his artistic training comes through in his photographs, which he modestly replies: “I admit that my pictures look like paintings, but no pictures have no influence on me when I take pictures – the more I did not copy them” . And even more modestly adds: “Painting – in me!

If Steven Klein and engaged in painting after graduation, then only “for the soul” – to ensure the sustenance he used a photograph. Since the early 1990′s, he participated in advertising campaigns «Calvin Klein», «Dolce & Gabbana», «Nike», Alexander McQueen, a number of other fashion designers. His photographs were published in such prominent journals as «iD», «W», «Arena», «Dazed & Confused», «Commons & Sense», «Rolling Stones», «Vogue». ”Steven Klein – one of the most sought-after fashion photographers” – claimed «New York Times», in January 1993. And since then a famous photographer continues to grow. ”If Beaton, Horst, Avedon, Penn, and Newton, in fact, define the boundaries of photographic Pantheon, and Steven Meisel entered the circle selected a few years ago … Steven Klein is the most worthy new member “- proclaims« The Village Voice »in April 2003. Set not less than enthusiastic reviews await the inquisitive reader to the site of the photographer.

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