Patricio Suarez

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The artworks in this post are by the artist Patricio Suarez.

(Click on the images if you wish to view them significantly larger or individually.)

I’ve featured a few photos of Patricio Suarez before. His vision, variety, and tone continue to be moving, professional, and poignant.

The images in this post are just some of the images from photographic series Suarez is still revealing on his Flickr stream here.

In creating and composing this post, maybe the most difficult task for me was trying to choose the first, the “lead” photograph to sit atop the post. Because so many of these photographs are excellent, it was fruitless for me to try to place the images in any order of priority. While I am always thoroughly considering the order I present images, these images would be moving in any order.

Suarez carefully considers his compositions, and like many other modern portraitists, leans toward bulls-eye and centered structure. Suarez cares specifically about visual architecture, foreshortening, forms, contrasts, dark spaces, and lines. He is not focused on glamour, fashions, or any of the common visual cues associated with the term “babe.”

For Suarez, beauty is sometimes found in an environment made up of simple characteristics: a girl, a boy, patience, and privacy. His images suggest possibly the greatest wealth and sensations can be fashioned from those few components. Beyond those components, everything else is figuratively, and sometimes literally, window treatments.