Jerry Ott (American. b 1947) – The 1970s

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Jerry Ott is a realist artist who began to paint from photographs while still in college in the middle to late 60s.  While citing Pop Artists such as James Rosenquist, Larry Rivers, and Richard Lindner as strong  influences, it wasn’t until being introduced to the work of German artist Paul Wunderlich that Ott began to work on a body of figurative work painted directly from photographs.  Throughout the 70s and 80s his work was shown in major exhibitions with a group of artists that were to become known as “Photorealists”, while also being exhibited as a major figurative painter.

This site contains a portion of the body of work produced since that time and begins with samples from the 70s, progressing through the constructions and aluminum paintings of the late 80s into the 90s and ending with the more intimate and emotionally charged work of the present.  Also included under “Miscellaneous” is a sampling of early formative work and a selection from a group of 16 commissioned paintings done over a 4 1/2 year period culminating in a 2004 exhibit in Chicago.  Several other commissioned works are also included under this heading.