David Lebe – On May Hill

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I started making these pictures in 2004 on May Hill, in the gardens, meadow and woodlands that surround our house and along the trail where I often take my daily walk. These images come from the world just beyond my front door, from the land I know best.

These photographs are interpretations and transformations arrived at after much time working on them in Photoshop. They are not so much inventions, as they maintain a strong connection and trueness to the original subject. Yet it is always the two-dimensional image rather than the original subject that is the more important aspect of the picture for me, though both aspects always matter and reverberate together.

It is the part of the picture I add that makes the picture important to me. Well, perhaps not so much add as reveal. Patterns, relationships, shapes and lines I see hidden in the original scene are the main intent of my efforts—the things I want to share with the viewer. These hidden forms and relationships speak to us as part of a visual language that can often touch deeper, emotional regions of the mind, regions not given to words.