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Paolo Roversi born in the small town of Ravenna in the north of the peninsula. This was in 1947. As a teenager, he was vacationing with her parents in Spain, where the “infected” photo. Roversi was so fascinated by photography on a trip that immediately after returning equipped with a friend and enthusiast Battista Minguzzi darkroom in his basement. The first lessons fotomasterstva Paolo Roversi borrowed from a local professional, disappearing for hours in his studio.

In 1970 a young Paolo Roversi has been a good portraitist. In 1971, in Ravenna took a momentous event in his life – meeting with the legendary editor of Elle magazine, Peter Knapp. Autumn 73rd at his invitation Roversi sent to Paris, and will remain there.

In the beginning, Paolo was a reporter for the agency Huppert, but then gradually overgrown with links that will bring him to fashion photography. At that moment, Roversi knew little about the world of fashion and was passionate about photojournalism. However, later, seeing the work of such masters as Newton, Penn, Avedodna and others, was filled with fashion-genre.

Paolo Roversi understood that in order to become visible in their new roles it is necessary first of all, learn. So in 1973 he is an assistant English photographer Laurence Sekmannu. Former aides Sekmanna not stand the character of their boss and weeks. Roversi was with him until the last day, all the while absorbing his invaluable experience. This is exactly Sekmann taught him that there should be only a static camera, not the photographer. For Roversi it was more than words of wisdom.This gave him the understanding that the need to constantly come up with something new, because the copies are not interesting – they are always worse than the originals. After the death of Lawrence Sekmanna Paolo started his solo career as a fashion photographer and works for Elle, Depeche Mode and Marie Claire. World renown for Roversi comes in 1980, after a large contract with Christian Dior. Then the photographer first used to shoot Polaroid, getting pictures of 8 “x10″. These photos are from the unpredictable color become a trademark of Rovers, which will bring him fame for many years.