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My friendship with Photography was started when I was 5 years old. My father gave me a toy film camera and I made my first photo. I didn’t know how to look at it. Father put my camera, opened it, took out a cassette and went away in to the darkness. He was a great magician. He could take a film and make a picture.

I grew up, the magic became a reality and I learned the big art of developing, fixing of films and printing pictures in a darkroom. I made many photos for my family. I was sick with photography. But I had to think about my main profession. And I began studying strongly. I finished school, institute and started working. Unfortunately I had no enough time to realize all my intentions concerning photography during a long period of my life. But the happiness had come in a moment. I decided to purchase my first serious digital camera in 2005. It was 300D. New circuit of spiral was started. I began walking with the camera to find out something interesting. But I understood that I should study. I visited some workshops, learned the main laws of photography and started creating.

I prefer two genres of photography – still life and landscape. If you have a main work and need to relax sometimes both of them are all you need. There is magic interaction between photographer and subjects he looks at. Subjects speak with him, he speaks with subjects. I guess only in this dialog a great photograph may be born.

Now I use Canon 5D mark II with L-lenses and Hasselblad 500CM. Some of the photographs, which are the most significant for me, were made with both of them. All the photographs in this site have no any digital manipulations except brightness, contrast and tonality adjustment. All the installations in still life portfolio are hand-made personally by me.

Date of Birth: 1969.

Place of birth: Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region, Russia.

Now live in: Moscow, Russia.

Have lovely wife and son of 11 years.

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