Bob Garas

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Those of us at Apogee Photo Magazine are happily familiar with the work of Bob Garas. As a frequent entrant in both our monthly and by-monthly contests, he has treated us to his wonderful images for several years. They often evoke a smile and “How’d he do that?!” When we chose his image of two dragonflies as the “Bugs” contest winner, we thought it was time to find out who Bob is and exactly how he does do it.

Bob lives in the Orlando, Florida area. Once an avid nature photographer, he doesn’t have the chances to go out in the field he used to enjoy.  His job requires him to start work at 3:00 am.  When he isn’t sleeping, he spends the remainder of the daylight hours with his nine-year-old daughter. At last, his itch to photograph became too strong, and he had to figure out how to satisfy that need within the constraints of his schedule.

Bob decided to become a studio photographer. His subjects are critters from his backyard–including his daughter’s mouse. A spare bedroom became his studio and workspace. Using two White Lightning strobes–one with a softbox for the key light and the other covered with colored gels lighting a black background–he shoots all of his images with a Canon G-1 digital camera.