Bob Adelman

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BOOKS PHOTOGRAPHED AND PRODUCED: DOWN HOME; ON AND OFF THE STREET; STREET SMART; GENTLEMAN OF LEISURE; LADIES OF THE NIGHT; OUT OF LEFT FIELD all with Susan Hall; THE NEXT AMERICA with Michael Harrington; THE REAGAN REPORT; IT GROWS ON YOU, A Hair Raising Survey Of Human Plumage with Roy Blount Jr; THE ART OF ROY LICHTENSTEIN essay by Calvin Tompkins, photographs and  interview by Bob Adelman; CARVER COUNTRY: The World of Raymond Carver  introduction by Tess Gallagher; VISIONS OF LIBERTY, The Bill of Rights For All Americans by Ira Glasser, photographs by Bob Adelman; KING: The Photobiography of Martin Luther King Jr. by  Charles Johnson and Bob Adelman. New York Times Book Company: developed and photographed the Sidewalk reading program; Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Random House, Dell Publishing: preparation of educational materials.


Боб Эйдельман американский фотограф

Родился в 1931 г.

Известен своими образами афро-американского движения за гражданские права .

Эйдельман в настоящее время проживает в Майами-Бич . Его работы представлены по Howard Greenberg галерее.