Anthony Kurtz

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“My work often focuses on marginalization and alienation. I document people and places that exist on the edges of society, sometimes physically, mentally or both: excluded by choice or by circumstances.

Concurrently, I am interested in control and conformity and I try to present both of these aspects within a photograph. In a time of consistent turmoil, I feel a need to document my generation and question our deeply rooted ideas of democracy, security and progress.

Visually reminiscent of cinematic stills and graphic novels, I attempt to create a sort of hyper-reality that contains a sense of mystery and sadness, yet contains hope and beauty. ”

Published in Photo Disctrict News, Wall Street Journal, Design Taxi, Common Ground Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Annual PX3 Book, Annual IPA Book, Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler.
Anthony has displayed his work in numerous galleries in the U.S and Europe, including Galerie Acte 2 in Paris and Artworksf in San Francisco.
Anthony has won many international photo awards, including multiple First and Second Prizes at the International Photo Awards (IPA), Photo District News (PDN) and the Prix de la Photographie de Paris (PX3). (See awards section)


Anthony currently resides in San Francisco, California.