Ahmed Fikree

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December 16th, 1989. Dubai, UAE

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree is an Emirati multi talent artist, who’s mainly a 2D flash animator and music composer, while his other talents are cinematography, graphic design, and photography. His father, Ahmed is Emirati, while his mother, Noorlaila was Malaysian, who passed away on 3rd November, 2008. Mohammad began drawing at the age of 3 when his mother taught him how to sketch. Mohammad has no interest in water painting, he prefers fast sketching. Mohammad began writing digital music when he first discovered a music making software program in 2004, while in the same year when he became a photographer. Mohammad does not read or write sheet music notes, he stated “I don’t play any instruments, I am no musician, I am just a composer, and I have different ways to write songs, but there are times when my feelings create melodies, I quickly record myself humming whatever melodies just pop out from my feeling“. Mohammad is currently a student of SAE Institute in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and his major is Bacherlor Of Interactive Animation.