Gerhard Vormwald

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1948 born in heidelberg/germany. 1962-1965 offset printer apprenticeship. 1966-1971 studies at the free academy arts and crafts school and college in mannheim (applied graphics with prof. wolf magin, painting and sculpture with prof. hans nagel). 1969-1972 photographer for the national theatre mannheim/germany. 1971 assistant for graphic arts and prints at the free academy and crafts school in mannheim. 1971 takes over hans nagel´s studio and sets up a photographic studio in mannheim (tullastrasse 14). concentration on photography. advertising commissions, magazine photography and freelance work. 1975 travel abroad and first photographic stagings. 1978-1981 works again as photographer for the national theatre mannheim. 1983 moves with his family to paris; opening of a photographic studio (52 rue pernety). 1983-1991 work published internationally in advertising campaigns on magazine covers and as photographic illustrations. 1984 in parallel to photography, the resumption of painting and drawing activities; increasing attention to freely chosen photographic subjects. 1988 opening of the rural studio le couéche in the south of paris. 1990 turns his back on commercial work. in addidion to photographs, produces paintings, drawings, objects, video and texts. 1991 inclusion of digital experiments in pictorial concepts. 1995 enlargement of le couéche studio. 1999 professor of photography and interdisciplinary image concepts. lives in paris, le couéche and cologne.