Jeanloup Sieff*

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French photographer Jeanloup Sieff was born in Paris to Polish parents, Sieff’s interest in photography began at the age of fourteen when he received a Photax plastic camera for his birthday. Well-known for his love of the frivolous and superficial, Jeanloup Sieff’s legacy places him in the top rank of fashion and art photographers. A veteran of Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and an associate of the famous Magnum Agency, Sieff took up his camera to capture ‘the pleasure of those maddening lights’; whether the chic limelight of Hollywood, the harsh glare of Death Valley skies or the fashion shoot flash, his images are studies in the art of glamor.

Sieff”s take on shapes and textures, especially with a wide angle, is unique particularly in the fashion world where it is incredibly difficult to shoot like this and get away with it. Such a legend this guy is. His online portfolio is interesting because you need to refresh each section to being able to see more pictures.