Cassandra Anselmo’s

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Cassandra Anselmo’s main passion is fine art photography, with areas of photographic interest ranging from architecture to figurative. Her main artistic focus has become the female form, which expresses subtle Feminist undertones that stem from personal experiences.

The turning point in Cassandra’s photographic endeavors occurred when she met Professor, Robert Eginton. Bob, as he liked to be called, became her mentor and instilled in Cassandra the photographic skills and principles that she exhibits in her work today. Cassandra became Bob’s teaching assistant and soon realized that she not only wanted to become a professional photographer, but also a teacher. After Bob’s death, Cassandra vowed that she would one day pick up where Bob left off, inspiring others in the art of photography.

Continuing her education, Cassandra completed her MFA specializing in photography from the prestigious Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Cassandra became a photography teacher at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida. Perfecting her art, Cassandra exhibits her photography at local shows and galleries. Her career goal is to one day become a tenured professor while exhibiting her photography nationwide.