Gabriel Wickbold

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Wickbold Gabriel perfect example of a new generation of professionals, self-educated, restless, versatile, world citizen and a supporter of new technologies and social networks. It is through them, not even her name is gaining more strength and visibility. Gabriel photographer and only 25 trade shows in New York, London and Milan, which should happen in the second half of 2010.

His name began to circulate more frequently in the media when he made a series of sexual colors, which, as its name implies, mixing sensuality and vivid colors. Visibility a”push”of came with some celebrities who posed for the photographer’s lens.Fernanda Paes Leme, Adriana Lima and Paula sweets were some of the famous shot and eventually shoots the name Gabriel, but in the pages of art magazines, at least for the gossip columns. But Gabriel does not care, it is important to win the projection:

“There’s no point in trying to be extreme, and go against the logic of the market. People will talk about things, which include celebrities, and I think it’s positive to open the door. Maybe the place art market is a bit tough, but for the world market is notmatter, because there are people not looking at that person is famous or not.”