Mariano Vargas*

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It all starts with a flash of intuition. Mariano Vargas walks and breathes with the senses always alert to any hint of beauty. It can be anywhere and at any time. Do not be fooled by the obvious and seeks relentlessly. Stare at a half-naked shoulder illuminated by the lamp in a cafe and blurred by diffuse lines of smoke. Scrutinize the forced smiles looming behind the shop counters to find a different one. Ever found him in the hurried footsteps of a stranger because he thought to see askance at a neck bearing Renaissance. It is the beginning and the end. Beauty is trapped in the form of unique women with an enigmatic silhouette.

The photographer appeals on the painter who never left him and draw a quick sketch on paper to keep the moment. The woman brings her presence; he creates the circumstance that makes woman the axel around which the world revolves without her knowing. Find the woman and the woman says with no words that she can be. She takes off her clothes and leaves it to the space created by the photographer to wrap her to show what it has always been unknowingly. A madonna holding in her hand a metal flower with impossible edges, another allows a snake to wrap itself around his translucent neck and a third challenges herself in the mirror without fear of losing the battle.

Mariano Vargas ranges from a past settlement of references and a future in which he decides the end of each story. The camera is a little more than a replacement of the brush. He uses without complexes the tools available to approach the perfection of the lines and color. He is Building scenarios, dressing, undressing, by studying each point of the light, making and breaking. Only when seeing in front of him what he imagined a bare shoulder under the lamp in a cafe press the trigger and gives life to a madonna.
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