Tim Flach*

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Having completed postgraduate studies at St. Martins School of Art London, focusing on Photography & Painted Structures in 1983, Tim has become a driving force in photography. One of the recurring themes in his work is the connection between animals and Man, whether images of animals, humans or both. In his choice of composition Tim seeks to reduce the evidence in the image, distilling and refining it, while often introducing yet more ambiguity so as to leave more space for the viewer to reflect his own experience upon the image. Many of his images (particularly those of animals) place his subjects out of context, encouraging people to question their preconceptions and expectations of reality by seeking a sense of unreality in the work.

Tim has been the recipient of many international photographic awards from the Association of Photography (AOP), British Design & Art Direction (D&AD), Art Director’s Club of New York (ACNY), Communication Arts (CA), and Photo District News (PDN) Photography. His major works have been exhibited around the world, including New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo, and he has been featured in BBC documentaries on a number of occasions.

Renowned within the advertising industry, Tim has been commissioned by many international corporations such as Adidas, Sony, Jaguar, and Singapore Airlines for large global campaigns. As much of his work is international, he has agents in Paris and New York as well as London where he lives and has a studio.