Nicholas Samaras*

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underwater photographer, but he made an impressive entrance in underwater photography area in Greece and out of his country borders.
A great admirer of sea, where he feels completely at home, and a lover of sea creatures, he made his first dive in 1994 in beautiful Island Crete and since year 2000 is a Dive Master.
The diver that didn’t stop shooting underwater during scuba diving, soon replaced his first compact camera with more sophisticated underwater equipment and transformed from a scuba diver to a passionate and dedicated underwater photographer, with excellent samples of work and till now didn’t stop seek for knowledge and search the ways and the techniques that can make his ideas reality.
His first shy attempt to participate to an international contest of Underwater Photography was in 2006 (DAN EUROPE PHOTO CONTEST) and was very successful. This award gave him the answers he needed, in his own personal questions about his work and the strong impulsion to try win the recognition about his photos quality and his inspiration.
Born in 1974, lives and works in Thessaloniki as an Art Director in a well known company in the area of advertisement.
Although his occupation is giving him a very heavy schedule, he doesn’t miss a chance of diving in Chalkidiki for underwater shooting, witch is a near and excellent diving destination.
For this year and for the future he plans to travel in specific Greek islands and many exotic diving destinations in order to improve his skills and enrich his portfolio.